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The beauty of Balmonds skin salvation

Balmonds skincare very kindly gifted us some samples of their skin salvation balm. It has completely changed our skincare routine for the better. First of all, I can not rate the formula enough. 100% natural ingredients, suitable for all ages (from 6 weeks.) This is not a cream, it's from beeswax so melts into the skin. Leaving it feeling hydrated and moisturised. The full ingredients list can be found here. This is completely safe during pregnancy. perfect for keeping the skin hydrated to avoid stretch marks where possible. Although they do always advice patch tests for sensitive skin.

I have dry skin, particularly on my feet. after using the ointment for around 3 weeks my skin has improved so much. I can get so dry and sore that the skin will peel, crack and bleed. But since using this I can say my skin is baby soft and hasn't bled at all. I apply mine before bed. They do state you can also apply a thick layer, then add socks over the top overnight for particularly dry skin such as heels. I haven't got to try this method yet, as I hate wearing socks to bed. But, I am very tempted to give it a try because the results I have seen already have been fantastic.

Teddy is now 2 and a half, he has had eczema from birth. It is usually a lot worse during summer months when he gets hot. I can not wait to see if this helps him on those hot days as it has already made an amazing difference. He has complained a lot less about feeling itchy. The redness and bumps have improved and the skin is feeling a lot softer. His skin often feels very dry and scaly. The ointment seemed to get into the skin and support healing. He is doing amazingly with this and I can't believe I didn't hear about it before. It would have saved a lot of stress when he was younger. We were also sent a small sample of the intensive hand cream.

Tom has fallen in love with this. He works a lot with his hands, so they get rough and cracked especially in cold weather. Even though his hands are still red in some areas the dry cracked skin is appearing much better. It helps soothe itchy dry hands. We have decided to buy a full-sized version of this product ourselves as we loved it so much.

Balmonds have an amazing range of products for all skincare needs. They can help with psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, cradle cap and so much more. I recommend having a look if you are on the search for your newest skincare potion.



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