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Staying positive during the lockdown.

I have felt a sudden surge of emotions this week. the realisation of Lockdown has set in. I knew my mental health was going to drop, but I wasn't prepared for how quickly the low feelings set in. I am finding ways to stay upbeat and positive during this time. I know its tough for everyone, and it isn't going to go away any time soon. Here are my top tips for keeping upbeat and positive. 1. The morning sets the day. I was finding if I woke up and started overthinking, worrying etc the whole day would go downhill. Now I try to take my mind off of the situation straight away, Concentrate on making sure I am in the best possible mood from the start. I know it's not always easy to feel happy, especially if you are struggling with mental health. But, give yourself that push to smile and say I am going to have a good day. 2. Music is the soul of happiness. Everything is better with music. It can set so many different tones. If the news is bringing you down, avoid radio stations and stick to your favourite Spotify lists. You can even ask your smart speaker to play upbeat music. Dance around, sing at the top of your lungs. 3. Get dressed. It is so easy to think why bother if you are not leaving the house. But I find I am much more motivated and feel a lot better when I am dressed, hair brushed, makeup on. By no means am I saying go full glam, but get out of those pyjamas and make yourself feel better, it makes so much difference. 4. Go for a walk. Even though we are in lockdown we are ok to go out of the house once a day for exercise. This includes going out with the kids for a walk. Getting out of the house and breathing fresh air seems to make everything a little easier. In fact, there are even games you can play on your walk. People are putting up rainbows in their windows, how many can you spot? A lot of families are also now jumping on the "we're going on a bear hunt" bandwagon. How many bears can you spot in peoples windows? Something as simple as a walk around the block can make the whole day run a little smoother. Whilst wearing the kids out a bit. 5. Video call a loved one. We are all finding separation to be the hardest thing right now. Take some time out, phone a family member and simply talk. Seeing a familiar face and voice is always very comforting and is sure to make you feel less alone. Whatsapp even allows you to group chat with more than one person at a time, get the whole family involved! 6. Try to make a new routine. Everyone is feeling a bit lost at the moment. It's like the time between Christmas and new year when nobody knows what to do. Make a plan of action, it doesn't have to be a full timetable of events. Think to yourself this morning we can do crafts, then lunch, outdoor play, dinner, movie, bath, bed. Knowing your route through the day feels much easier like you actually have your shit together. I hope these little tips help you, they are easy, small changes you can make. I promise you that they will make you feel a little better during this chaos. Andrea x

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