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How to tuck your jumper like a pro

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

I love a big baggy jumper, but sometimes they can feel a bit frumpy. I have a sure fire way of styling your t-shirts, shirts and jumpers to bring life back into your wardrobe. Sometimes you don't need new clothes, you just need to know how to style them

For me this Jumper is now a bit misshapen and doesn't fit right, I have had it for such a long time, instead of getting rid of it I am going to show you 5 ways on how to style it by tucking to give it new life.

1: The full tuck

This is the simplest way to style your tops.

We want the jumper to stop cutting us off at an awkward length, by tucking in you are going to increase the look of the length of yours legs whilst making it look like you're making an effort with no effort.

Tuck your top completely into your bottoms, pull lightly upwards so that it is not a tight tuck, and even all the way round. Keep pulling out until you have a small amount of your top hanging over the waist band of your bottoms. this way you can keep the baggy style of the jumper without it completely removing all of your shape.

2: Half tuck

Again like the full tuck we are going to bring your cut off point up, to lengthen your legs, however the half stuck is great for hiding your bum.

If you don't want a tuck all the way round leave the back out to cover your bottom.

I like to start at the button of my trousers, tuck round to the sides and stop when you hit your hip bones

. pull the jumper out a little to make it a little baggier and not so tight.

3: The asymmetrical tuck

looks like your styling but with a more relaxed feel.

We want to start tucking at our hip bone, come round to the front and stop when you hit the middle of your stomach, loosen the tuck so that it hangs evenly at an angle.

4: button tuck

Like the half tuck our bottom is covered, however this time we are going to leave more out at the front too, this one is great if you are a little conscious of your tummy.

Still lengthening our legs but hiding the mum tum.

Tuck your top just in the centre of your bottoms, pull out slightly so that it is not so tight and even on both sides.

5: The bra tuck

This tuck is perfect if you don't mind showing a bit of the midriff.

I don't do this style often myself as I am little conscious of my belly, however if you have the confidence for it I think it looks amazing, especially with a super baggy jumper.

We are going to want to wear a bra with a tight waist band to ensure if can hold the weight of the jumper.

Tuck your hem up and just under the front of your bra, pull down slightly to loosen the tuck and ensure it is even all the way round.

That's it! 5 easy ways to style your tops and instantly change your look.

Have fun watching your wardrobe transform and make sure to tag me on Instagram if you try any of the styles, I am @mummashine.

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