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Chobham adventure farm

Saturday 1st June, we visited the lovely Chobham adventure farm

We had a lovely day out, however here is my honest review on the attraction.

The adventure farm had 3 main areas, indoor softplay, outdoor adventure park and a farm.

The softplay area inside was huge, the children were kept busy for over 4 hours without a peep from them. The soft play has 2 main areas, the larger childrens play frame from age 3+. Then the miniature play frame for under 3s.

The large play frame had 3 huge slides, climbing frames, spinning wheels and 3 layers of endless fun.

The miniature play frame consisted of 1 slide, a ball pit, a small climbing area with bridge and dangling carrots, and an area of squishy building and climbing shapes.

They have a socks policy, which I think was fantastic, and had socks to buy for around £2.50. which was a huge help as I was wearing sandals so went unprepared!

I have to give the soft play a 10/10

Something for every age, even I had a go on the big slides, endless fun.

Very large outdoor play station consisting of 3 main areas.

As you walk outdoors they have a buggy park so you don't have to drag the buggy around after your toddlers. they have a smaller area for younger children, this had a slide, and many climbing structures to look like houses which I thought was a lovely touch.

Even though this area was for smaller children, Teddy (aged 1) still struggled to use the equipment without assistance.

The larger outdoor play frame looked like a huge wooden tree house, it had slides, zip lines, bridges and more, my 6 year old struggled to use this play frame as it was quite high up and difficult to navigate, however my 7 year old really enjoyed it.

The last outdoor section had a giant sandpit with 2 bouncy pillows, which the children really enjoyed.

The outdoor seating has limited sun umbrellas and shaded areas which in turn means it is a bit of a sun trap, and got extremely hot, I would advise taking loads of water, sun protection, and sun hats if you are visiting in the summer.

Unfortunately I was disappointed by the farm. When I read that it was a farm I was expecting large outdoor areas, huge field type pens with loads of roaming animals, big barns and loads of animal activities. unfortunately this was not the case, the 'farm' was actually 1 barn structure, with animals in indoor pens. from what I can remember they had a handful of sheep, 1 cow, 2 ponies, a few goats, a family of pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, ferrets and a mouse.

The animals had no outdoor grass areas that I could see of, they did have plenty of hay and shade which was good on such a hot day, however I was very sad to see them confined to the indoor pens. The pens had solid metal fronts, which was a bit disappointing, as my toddler could not see the animals without being lifted up.

Overall I was thoroughly upset with this area and annoyed that they could call it an adventure farm, when not much attention was being drawn on the actual farm itself.

I would love to see outdoor pens, more animal activities, maybe fact sheets so the children can learn about the animals. they could do so much more with the farm and it felt like a wasted opportunity.

Food is available on site however it will cost a small fortune, I would recommend a packed lunch, they have loads of indoor and outdoor picnic seating.

If you are looking for a day out with the children to burn off energy, I would highly recommend the soft play and adventure park. however if you are looking for a farm with outdoor animals and green fields you will be highly let down.

10/10 adventure play, 4/10 farm.

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