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Bluebell woods, Free woodland walk in Norfolk

Its half term week and the kids are getting to the point that they are finding everything boring, so I thought we would go on a little adventure.

I am a huge outdoors person, especially if its a woodland area, so when I found a bluebell walk I thought it would just be perfect.

Bluebell walk is a small piece of woodland in Gorleston, Norfolk. Its completely free to enter which is perfect for keeping the kids busy for an hour or two. The walks often open out into wide fields which would be perfect for dog walks, this is not a fenced area so if your dogs tend to stray I would highly advise keeping them on the lead as a main road is not far.

Unfortunately for us the bluebells have all gone by this point in the year, however the woodland is still incredibly beautiful, there was a set woodland walk or you can venture off and search the surrounding area.

The woodland can be easily missed as it is actually situated behind an industrial estate, however it is truly a hidden wonder, with loads of wildlife and beautiful views it is perfect for a family walk.

I would advise taking drinks and snacks as there is not a lot of places in the area to grab some food apart from a carvery, however my girls love picnics so its perfect for them.

If you are driving you are able to park just off Sidegate road, then walk to the woodland, however parking here is limited.

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