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Slummy mummies basic AF dinner recipe #solidaritea

Hey my loves, so if you have been on social media at all over the past few weeks you would have seen a parade of mums standing together telling a certain journalist to shove her opinion where the sun don't shine.

Parents are being slammed for feeding kids frozen fish fingers, swigging on gin and bad mouthing their kids online, but come on now who has time to stand over the oven every night making organic au naturel dinners when you have been up since 5 with screaming toddlers, mountains of washing and cleaning and just to top it off your hairs a mess as you probably haven't showered in a good 2-3 days.

Don't get me wrong I adore my kids however they do give me a bloody migraine (especially as its half term, someone please save me haha!)

So here is my post to #SOLIDARITEA, a basic AF recipe for days when you just cant be arsed.

Now my partner hates fish and I am a vegetarian so fish is a no go in our house however that doesn't mean my freezer isn't full of quick go too meals, one of the family favourites is veggie finger wraps with whatever I can find to go alongside them. We like to do these wraps as its easy and basically just frozen food made to look like we actually tried (great for when you have people over and your pretending like you know what your doing)


  • Wraps (we like to use sweet chilli wraps from Tesco however this may be risky as they do have specs of chilli which a toddler will usually spot and proceed to dig at)

  • Hummus (I know you can get some super fancy flavoured hummus however to save the kids moaning and also saving my sanity in the mean time we use plain)

  • Sweet chilli sauce (this is just for the adults as if we try and sneak it into the kids wraps we will soon have moaning along the lines of 'there is red bits in the food!', followed by it being torn apart and ending up on the floor)

  • Veggie or fish fingers (we love the Tesco veggie fingers which are actually vegan so that's just bonus points right?)

  • Cheese (this is for the kids wraps as everything must come with cheese, don't ask me why)

  • Salad (whatever you can find in the fridge that the kids will actually eat)

Some what of a method

  1. Chuck veggie fingers in oven for around 15-20 minutes or until you smell them burning as you have probably fallen asleep somewhere

  2. Place wraps on side (preferably wipe the side down first as there is probably still crumbs and nutella from breakfast lingering)

  3. Place a good helping of hummus in each wrap along with the sweet chilli sauce if your brave enough.

  4. Add veggie fingers into the middle of the wraps along with the salad (this is usually just a bit of cucumber in our house, but hey at least its something right?)

  5. Add a sprinkling of cheese and attempt to wrap them up, squishing the contents as you go because you probably way overfilled them.

That's it! enjoy your basic AF dinner and pretend like your eating at a fancy arse restaurant.

Down with an alcoholic beverage of your choice as by this point in the day you probably need it. I'm pregnant so its usually a glass of coke and some paracetamol for me.

Good luck guys and remember their are NO slummy mummies, just mums trying to work out how the heck this parenting business is supposed to work.


Loves ya xoxo

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