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My Growing Bump, 21 Weeks

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

So If you cant guess by the title of this post I am indeed pregnant, Today I am 21 weeks + 3 days, My sickness is pretty much gone now however the heart burn is unreal, i'm going through tums like sweets at the moment. They say heart burn means a hairy baby which was definitely true with my first two daughters so it looks like baby H #3 is going to be a baby monkey too.

I am getting round ligament pain down my right side which sometimes is so painful I don't want to leave my bed, unfortunately you cant really take pain killers for it as its simply your stomach stretching so I will have to grin through the pain while my body adjusts but hopefully it will calm down soon.

We are beyond excited to meet baby H #3, and yes that is currently babies name as we just cant decide on any names we both like (I have a feeling this will take a while to decide)

We do know however that this baby is a boy after having 2 little princesses we are very excited to welcome a little prince into our growing family, and Tom is excited that this baby will hopefully enjoy football as the girls really couldn't care less who is kicking a ball around a field (must get that from their mummy!)

My bump seems to be a lot bigger this time round, i'm not sure if its because its my 3rd pregnancy, the baby being big or whether I just seem to have a little more chub this time round! but I am definitely finding that my jeans are way too tight a lot sooner on. (looks like a shopping trip is in order, what a shame haha!)

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